It’s Valentine’s Day


It’s the littlest of things that make women happy. The ten seconds it would have taken you to write “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you” on Facebook or text me would have totally made up for the fact you forgot your wife again this Valentine’s Day.


Love of My Life

Love of My Life

I only want to be with you two times…

Now and forever.




I am always amazed at how little people actually understand of the word love.  Our world today mistakes love for a feeling.  But that is not love.  My love for you is coloured with feelings but it is rooted in action.  A colour photograph is nice, but a black and white one has a charm all of its own. People are always quick to say I love you because.  But, I don’t love you because of anything.  I just love you. Because that’s just it – there is no because apart from this: I love you because I choose to; because I see the special person that you are.  You are so worthy to be loved, for no other reason but that you are.  And I am so thankful to be the person whose job it is to love you.

There’s Something About You

There's Something About You

Sometimes I just look at you and think, “I really love you.” You’re just talking or watching a movie or laughing or something, and there’s something about you in that moment that makes me think, “I just really love you.”



You’re so hot.

Together With You

Together With You

A few years ago I felt that something was missing in my life. I really didn’t know what it was. But, since the time you came in my life, I realized that something missing was you. Now, you and I are together and I just want to know how lucky I feel to have you as my husband.


Perfect All Around


You are someone very special and it’s unusual to find someone so perfect. You’re perfect for me and we’re perfect for each other and we’re a great couple.


Only You

Only You

I always go back to the memories of former years, the times that we spent together when we had just met. You put a smile on my face. You always have, that was the first thing that I fell in love with. Even after all these years, you continue to be my one and only, that says something. I am lucky to have the true love of my life by my side.






Happy Valentine’s Day Husband

Happy Valentines Day Husband

Today is Valentine’s Day. I should make you an amazing dinner or we should go out for dinner. I should put on a dress and heels and look fantastic for you. I should greet you at the door with a cold German beer and I should spend the evening cuddling with you and telling you how much I love you. Instead, we will sleep all day and we will work all night. It’s ridiculous that we have to work night shift on today of all days. But, it’s the thoughts that count, right?

I know I don’t say it enough, but I am a lucky woman. And I love you very, very much. Thank you for being my husband. There is no one else I’d rather laugh with and love.


300,000 Page Views


Wow, just wow. I can’t believe I managed to keep a blog going to 300,000 page views! Thanks to everyone who has been reading my words of love. And thanks to my husband, without him this blog wouldn’t be possible.

More Than Words

More Than Words

There are approximately 1,013,913 words in the English language but no combination of 26 different letters could accurately express how incredible I think you are or how much I love you.



You Make Me Smile


You Make Me Smile

I’m thinking of the things that make me love you… and they all make me smile.

Happy New Year



The last 12 months have now become wonderful chapters of my life. I am lucky to have you in my life. Fill up each day with more wonderful memories to make the chapter worth looking back at when we get old.



I enjoy your company more than anyone else’s in the whole world.




When I look at you I see a man that I find irresistible.


MmmMmmGood !


“I can’t get over this taste I found
When I go downtown, down
You taste so good” ~Next, Taste So Good

You’re good to the last drop. (I guess my thoughts are x-rated right now.)

I Love You

I Love You

Things are different now. No other eyes are as captivating. No other smile is as contagious.

No one else’s words are as reassuring. No other arms are as comforting. I don’t get butterflies at the thought of anyone else.

When another walks by, I no longer give a second look. It’s like no one else exists; no one but you. They say that “love is blind;” and if anything, I’m only blind to everyone else.

Seeing through the eyes of love is like seeing under a microscope. I see things in you that I could never see in others. Each little quirk, story, and moment with you are like the cells that make you who you are to me. It’s as though I’ve discovered something for the very first time, and now that I know of its existence I can’t imagine a world without.

As I learn about you, I am also learning about myself. I’ve never felt like I quite belonged in this world until now. Until I had someone to walk beside me, encourage me, dream with me.

I smile at the thought of you. I am sad at thought of being away from you.

Things are different now. A few years ago I never thought this would happen. I had given up hope. But here you are… my love, my happiness, my future.

Things are different now. I love you.

His Embrace

His Embrace

Every time I see him I am struck by how solid he is. How tall he is, how big—how he wraps around me when I move to embrace him and dwarfs me, encloses me. How glad it makes me.


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