Crazed Need

I really want some naked time with you.

You Are…

You are the center of my universe. A million ways could never explain how I feel about you.

I could write you a thousand letters, each page filled with a small font just like this. Endless amounts of typed spaces filled with feelings and emotions that you so easily pull right out of me. Something about you causes a tunnel vision in my eyes because I see only you. I am blind to the charms of others, though most that have come my way have been charmless to begin with. I’ve built an image of a man I thought no one could ever bring to life but I stumbled over you and now here I am… married to you. When I am lost in thought… I am lost in you.

I worry that one day you will see each layer pulled away from me and realize that underneath I am just like everyone else. I have the same fears, the same insecurities and the same weaknesses carried out by many of the women you have encountered in the past… and I wonder if I will lose that little bit of glitter that you think I’ve got.

You are like the perfect ending to a story I couldn’t finish. You are the song that plays slowly and softly in my head when the silence is just too much to take. You are the pinch that wakes me up from a nightmare I’m too scared to face. You are the person I want to help me through all the grief and pain that is bound to visit upon my life and you’re the person I want to be there for when those two things make an extended stay in your own life. You are the clarity through my confusion and my backbone when I’m slipping to the ground in defeat. You are the only one that I’ve ever wanted to love. You are the soft hand that brushes the corner of my heart when I feel like I’m running cold. You are the best moment of my day.



As your mouth presses the back of my neck your kiss sends shivers through my body. I can feel goose bumps forming, even though I’m not cold. Your arms encircle me and you pull me close, holding my body tightly to yours. I can feel the hardness of your arousal pressing against that part of me which so much desires your attentions.


I long for the way he looks at me and tells me he loves me.

I long for that text message on my phone that says he’s thinking of all the” naughty” things we can do when he gets home. I’d spend the rest of the day daydreaming about that night.

I long to feel his fingers tangled in my hair.

I long for the way his hands run over my skin as we misbehave.

I long for a few simple words that can cause me to shudder deep inside.

I long to look into his eyes and see that same desire looking back at me.

Love is…

… when he ignores you and you still love him.


I love you completely … like fat kids love cake.

That Smiley Love

I love you. I love you in a way I’ve never loved before. That smiley love. The love that warms my heart… the love that makes me feel safe. I know you love me too.

As I am writing this, my hairs are standing on their ends. Maybe it’s because of my love for you. Or maybe because it’s too cold in here.

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