You Make My Heart Swing

Everybody Talks

Talking to you makes my day great. I could have a crappy day at work, but at night when I get home you lift my gloomy spirits. You never make me feel like I can have a bad day, and that is so uplifting to me.

Perfect Love

Perfect LOvejpg

Each time I look at you, I just smile to myself and think, ‘I am a lucky woman.” You are perfect the way you are.



I cherish every single moment we spend together because they are the most precious & priceless memories.

Years Go By

Years Go By

Twelve years – that’s how long we’ve known each one another. I met you on a Saturday night 12 years ago. So much has changed – our lives altered in subtle – and not so subtle ways by the gentle currents of each other. In the time I’ve known you, we have both changed for the better – we compliment and act as one another’s confidant, friend, partner and lovers.


Many Words of Love

Many Words of Love

There are no words to express how I feel about you. I constantly search for the words, and they all seem less than I truly feel.

With You

LOve's Journey

As we travel on our journey, hand-in-hand, there is no obstacle we cannot get past. With you, I am strong. With you, I am happy. With you, life is good. I love you and want you beside me, always.




Your kisses, whether tender and gentle or rough and demanding, are consuming.


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