Life With You

I love my life with you!


I have always been able to control everything … except my heart around you. When you walk into a room there is no controlling that light-headed feeling along with a serious bout of butterflies.

It’s like I have only ever surrendered my heart to you, no one else, just you. You know my hopes, my fears, my struggles, my wants. Oh, I can try to hide them from you with words but you are the only one who is able to read the thoughts behind my eyes.

You are my puzzle. I can control every other aspect of my life but my feelings for you never dwindle.

Crazy Day

The crazy day keeps knocking on the door, insisting I come out from under the sheets and get on with it. But you’re too good to pass up and the day can wait.

I love you!

Be Ready

Tonight you are mine … all mine.

Real Time Love

I haven’t been on here lately and it’s not that I have forgotten but I am busy … enjoying life in real time with with you. Afterall, why be on a computer when I can be with the man I love.

Things Happen…

… but I always remember to kiss you good night.


How I hate the night shift. The bed seems so big when your not there. I lay awake tossing and searching for your body, coming up with only a pillow.


Near You

My atoms and chemicals could’ve been made anywhere in the universe, but they were made here, near you. Near yours.

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