I needed you and you weren’t there. I needed you and you made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. I needed you and you didn’t love me, oh you said you did but your actions told me a different story. I needed you and you acted like I didn’t exist. I needed you and you broke me.


I’m Confused


Why can’t you just tell me what you feel, because how you act is confusing me.


Simple Love

Simple Love

I miss when love felt simple. When love was without thought and without worry. I miss when love felt as natural and as easy as breathing, when everything we did and everything we said was out of love.

I miss when love was not a list of reasons why I should stay and why I should go, neither of them winning, neither of them making sense. I miss when love was not tangled up in resentment and hurt, and anger.

I miss when you were the answer to every question, not the one creating them. I miss when love was not a game of secrets when I had to play detective to uncover your latest crime. I miss when you told me things before I discovered them, I miss when there was never anything to discover in the first place. I miss when your phone did not feel like a loaded weapon, when it did not feel like something which would go off and rip my entire world apart. I miss when female names did not feel like stab wounds to my chest. I miss when I was not convinced you wanted to fuck her. I miss calmness inside my body instead of this twisting, sickening feeling like I’m hurtling towards the ground.

I miss when love felt simple. When love was exactly what I had spent my whole life knowing it to be. I miss when love was just happiness and contentment when our love was the definition of the word. I miss when I knew that what I felt and what we shared was love. It was easier that way, certain, concrete. Love meant you and me forever, for always.

But now, I’m not sure what love is, I’m not even sure it lives with us anymore. I miss when love was not tears and silent treatment. When love was not locking myself in the bathroom and sobbing so much my chest felt as if it might collapse. I miss when love was not this, not hurtful, not pain. I miss when love felt like love, like flying, like freedom. I miss when love did not feel like a knife carving away at me, taking pieces of me, making me come apart.

I miss when love felt simple.



Missing You

Missing YouMissing someone isn’t about how long since you’ve seen them or the amount of time since you last talked. It’s about that very moment when you find yourself doing something and wishing they were right there by your side.


Someone, Somewhere

Someone, Somewhere

I just want to inform you that someone somewhere is missing you a lot. And that someone is me. I hate it when you work days and I work nights. Three and a half days is too long to go without kissing you.


Missing You

Missing You

When you’re not around I feel gloomy. If I don’t see your face, I don’t feel good. If I don’t hear your voice, I feel something is incomplete.




All Day

All Day

I know I’ll see you tonight at home but I just can’t help missing you the entire day.




Proof Positive

Proof Positive

Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me. I’ve missed that the past three nights.

Time Goes By

Time Goes By

I feel happy when we are together… and empty when we are not. I miss you incredibly when we’re apart, no matter what length of time that is.



I Miss You

“I’m here without you, baby, but you’re still on my lonely mind”



Just A Memory

Just A Memory

I just want you to want me like you used to. Remember those days when you’d put your hands down my pants? You’d press yourself up against me. You’d grab my hand and put it on your hardness. You’d whip your towel off as soon as you got out of the shower. You wanted me to want you.

You wanted me. Me.

Now it seems absurd.

A distant memory.

A sad memory.

I love you.



I want you… So Bad!

Missing You

My legs are missing you in between them.


I’m feeling sad today. Missing you. When this is all over I’m going to need some serious romance, and let’s face it, it’s been a while since you’ve really wooed me.


As you slowly bend me over and kiss down my back you can feel me start to tremble and twitch, it’s because I know what’s coming next. Soon you’ll deep inside me, nailing away with each thrust harder than the last…


Oh, I’m such a selfish girl. All I want is your cock. I think selfish girls deserve a spanking wouldn’t you agree?

Especially When

I love the way your hard cock rubs against the soft pink lips of my tight little pussy, makes me so wet… especially when you enter me slowly, thrusting the head in and out just a bit, teasing me… can’t wait till these night shifts are over and I have you to myself again.


I’ve been thinking about you all day. It hasn’t been innocent.




Missing You

And kissing you good night.



Let me explain how I’m feeling in the fewest possible words… I want you inside me, then sleeping beside me.


I’m just sitting here imagining you kissing my neck, down to the base of my throat and then back up to my mouth where the tip of your tongue would moisten my lips while running your hand up the middle of my back to unhook my bra…




Just sitting here. Waiting for you to text me. ‘Cause it lights up my work day.

Night Shifts Suck

I’m only lonely when you’re not around.




I love sleeping with you. And I don’t just mean sex. I mean sleep. Together. Under the blankets, with my hand on your chest. And your arms around me. With the AC on so it’s a bit chilly and we have to cuddle closer. No talking, just little kisses. And fall asleep, blissfully happy, in silence. Together. And I miss this so much when you are working night.

Nightshifts Suck

Do you have any idea how much I miss you when you work nights and I don’t? I can’t sleep from thinking about you — but I’d much rather think about you than sleep. I suppose it’s silly for me to tell you these things but I’ll tell you anyway. I eagerly await the sizzling nights spent in your arms.

The Look of Love

I want you to look at me like I have something other girls don’t.


Our Game

I’ve played it your way… on your terms. Unsure what you’ve been doing but following your lead. My heart open, patiently waiting for you to regain focus, waiting for you to move your eyes away from that little screen and back to us.

I’ve played it your way… on your terms. But my dreams remind me constantly. My body and mind aching for what has been denied me for 2+ years.

I’ve played it your way long enough… now it’s my turn. I’ve had two years of craving. My patience is dwindling. What I hunger for is not just a want, it is an essential necessity. It’s an indescribable need.

I’ve played it your way long enough… now it’s my turn. No longer should you deny us of something that brought us both such extreme pleasure. Force yourself inside me. I want to feel your fingers on my lips. Your hands around my throat making me quiver with desire and anticipation of what’s to come. That sting against my flesh. My body weak from indulging you. Me, crawling back for more. Back arched, head down…

Let OUR game begin.


I can almost feel you here… caressing me… touching me.



Time passes so slowly when you’re not here with me.

Good Morning

I woke up wanting to kiss you.


Heart Strings

When I am apart from you it feels as though my heart has a string tied around it. And you hold the other end. My heart feels like it is being pulled towards you.



You leave me wanting one thing … more.


Body Contact

I need you inside of me. I need my entire body in contact with yours.


I understand you had a long day but I have been waiting for you for hours. How about you just sit back and enjoy…


Warm & Cozy


Your arms. The warmth of your body pressed against mine.


I wish I could have that right now.




Before I Sleep

You know I will be thinking of you… but first I need to take care of the beast you have awakened.






I wait for you…

I admit I’ve been day dreaming, thoughts of you raging inside.

How long am I to wait?





Want To Play

Lately we’ve been so busy we’ve had very little time to play. I miss playing with you. Care to indulge me?

I Sometimes Wonder

My thoughts are filled with you. You are embedded in my mind.

I sometimes wonder if you feel the same way I do.

I sometimes wonder if you want the same as I want.

I sometimes wonder what you will do after you completely know me.

I sometimes wonder if you would ever leave me.

I sometimes wonder if you will get overwhelmed with me.

I sometimes wonder if you really knew what you were getting yourself into.

But then you wrap your arms around me, kiss me and tell me that you love me and the things I wonder about fade away.


I long for the way he looks at me and tells me he loves me.

I long for that text message on my phone that says he’s thinking of all the” naughty” things we can do when he gets home. I’d spend the rest of the day daydreaming about that night.

I long to feel his fingers tangled in my hair.

I long for the way his hands run over my skin as we misbehave.

I long for a few simple words that can cause me to shudder deep inside.

I long to look into his eyes and see that same desire looking back at me.


Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in the busy days, nights, in betweens.
But when I am with you you, I get those old feelings that make me realize just how much I’ve missed feeling like this … like I just can’t seem to get enough of you.  





You may be out of my sight but you aren’t out of my mind.

I miss you.


How I hate the night shift. The bed seems so big when your not there. I lay awake tossing and searching for your body, coming up with only a pillow.


You’re Not Here

You’re not here. These walls feel too close and this house seems too empty. Everything feels wrong.

Later I will listen for your car door, your keys, your feet on the mat. I’ll pace the floor, hoping that every approaching car is yours, coming to take me in your arms and tell me that you’ve come home. 

The Forever Wait

The forever wait is finally coming to an end.

My silly girl heart will soar as I wait for my flight to close the distance between you and me. I’ll smile at everyone around me as I impatiently wait for the announcement that my flight is boarding.
(It’s been so long since these arms held. Since these knees got weak.)

Then, somewhere around halfway, I’ll start to savour the giddiness I feel as I inch closer to you … knowing that you are there, waiting for me, with those arms open wide. Just for me.

I Don’t Like Missing You


This week has been a good week, stressful but good. I am busy packing for the move. My life is one huge buzz of activity. If I am not the go then my brain is and unfortunately at this moment … my brain is not being agreeable for the tasks at hand.

I’ve had too many moments missing being with a certain someone. The thing is, I just don’t like missing. I’ve never missed anyone besides you and am surprised to find that I have become so sentimental. This flutter of emotion is bewildering and now I have a headache.

 Thank you, sir, for being my headache. I miss you.

Spicy Love

I’m watching people, the days and life pass. I see couples and kids and dogs and bikes and summertime things that make me happy.

But each passing moment has me missing you more. It seems like forever since I’ve seen you. The “we” stuff is sitting on the stove … should I be doing something with it? Should I stir it? Should I add some salt and pepper? Maybe so because last night I had a spicy dream about you. No one seems to add flavour to my day, or night, like you. Your presence, whether in real time or dreamtime, puts me in another space. 

The Silliest Things Remind Me of You

You are always on my mind. Not just because I love you but because everyday things remind me of you. Simple things. Silly things. Everything.

Like every time I eat Cookies n Cream ice cream… I think of you. When I have a cookie I think of you… I think about you licking the creamy insides with your tongue, one side at a time and raking the creamy filling off with your teeth, allowing it to dissolve in your mouth, filling your mouth with a sweet, pleasant sensation.

 Mmmm … 

Dragon Slayer

My prince, you’ve disappeared into the wilds of northern Canada and I’m here in my little East Coast kingdom. I know you’re out there dragon slaying and this princess is tending to her own little kingdom. But it just would be nice to have my prince stop by for a drink and say “good going, woman” … take me in your arms for a hug and enjoy being alive and in the same place.

Not so … you’re slaying a really big, big dragon – one that breathes fire and black smoke and whose breath smells, oddly enough, like roofing tar. I’ll let you alone to enjoy the carnage. I know when I have left my little kingdom behind and am carried to yours on silver wings, we’ll live that happily ever after story (with maybe some ogre’s thrown in just to keep it exciting).

Right Now

Right now, I feel good.

I feel good knowing that in 7 days I’ll be with you. I feel good knowing that I’ll finally get to see you each and everyday.

I’ve hated the feeling of missing you over the past few months. Every day without you has been a struggle, but thinking and dreaming of you fills me with a wonderful feeling. My intense love for you, and your love for me, tells me that the best is still ahead. And the future with you is what I live for.

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