Usted es Caliente

It's True

You have the cutest bum ever!

I Just Knew

I Just Knew

The first time you touched me, I knew I was born to be yours.


Let’s Get Animal


You have this scent. It drives me wild with passion.

Together Time

Time Together

It’s always nice spending time just the two of us, and reminding myself for the 8 gajillionth time that you really are my best friend, and my favorite person to hang out with.




Not just awesome. I think you are super awesome.

Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

Although I feel like our marriage is in great shape, it’s easy to get lost in routine. I am thankful we have the opportunity to get away together this weekend. Sometimes we spend so much time caught up in the everyday that it’s important to be reminded how much fun we have together.




There is a reason people like you and me find each other. Maybe it’s chance, maybe it’s fate, but I know it’s not an accident.

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