166 Things I Love About My Husband

1.      He is the best, most fantabulous, incredible, man ever!

2.      He has a quick sense of humor. Lightening speed, actually. You never know when a zinger is coming.

3.      He makes people laugh.

4.      He is incredibly intelligent.

5.      His gorgeous green eyes. They change with the light, with his mood and with what he’s wearing. I have never seen such beautiful eyes. When I look in them the world disappears.

6.      The curls he gets behind his ears if he lets his hair grow too long.

7.      The way he wakes up in a good mood. (And knows I don’t)

8.      He likes me. (Sometimes I truly wonder why)

9.      The way that I fit so perfectly in his arms. With his whole body, really. Whether we’re hugging, walking with our arms around each other or spooning in bed, we fit like we’re custom-made for one another. Our hands, even though very different in size, fit together like the pieces in a puzzle.

10.   How sentimental he is. He saved all my emails all the way back to 2002.

11.   He talks to me about his work. (Not like I can understand it but he tries to help me get it.)

12.   I love that he makes my knees weak and my head spin, just by hearing his voice.

13.   How he wants to experience everything together.

14.   His love of chocolate.

15.   How he is still the same man after all of this time. (But different too.)

16.   He has always considered me his wife, even BEFORE we were married.

17.   The fact that he enjoys spending time with me, the majority of his time, in fact.

18.   His deep, appreciative laugh when he sees/hears something that is funny. I love that he laughs from the heart.

19.   He has good table manners.

20.   The fact that he appreciates my body and makes me feel beautiful and sexy.

21.   The fact that he is an incorrigible tease.

22.   The way he tolerates my perkiness.

23.   How he mocks me.

24.   He can sew on a button better than I can.

25.   He never yells or raises his voice in anger.

26.   He tolerates my possessiveness.

27.   I love that he misses me when we’re not together.

28.   The way he forgives me when I make mistakes. I know there are certain things that I do that frustrate him, but he is very forgiving and understanding, and patient, with me.

29.   His adventurousness in the bedroom. And his thoughtfulness. He makes sure I’m happy. VERY happy.

30.   The way he has to have ice cream every day.

31.   He loves me freely. (The only expectation he has is for me to be me.)

32.   How he flew across the country just to be with me for a weekend.

33.   His intuition. He has a very good sense of people and situations. And I can trust that when he has a “good feeling” about something that he’s usually right.

34.   I love that I’ve found all the happiness I will ever need, in the mystic green of his eyes.

35.   How when we look at each other across a crowded room, everyone else disappears.

36.   I love that my body always craves his.

37.   I love that he accepts my faults.

38.   I love that when he kisses me, he makes me feel like my lips offer something amazing and he will never get enough of whatever that might be.

39.   How he falls asleep fast. (I have jealousy issues over this ability.)

40.   He wants to see the world… with me.

41.   The fact that he is tough on the outside but tender on this inside.

42.   He opens the car door for me, waits until I am safely inside and then closes it.

43.   He is a man of courage. (Defined as: one who does not experience the absense of fear, but moves forward in it’s presense.)

44.   He said “Yes” when I asked him to marry me.

45.   He likes my children.

46.   He likes my cats.

47.   He remembers the smallest details of conversations we had years ago. (But forgets what he ate for supper the night before.)

48.   I love that he makes me see that my heart has finally found a home.

49.   His hands, especially his thumbs.  ツ

50.   How he always makes me walk on the inside of him when we walk near traffic.

51.   He is a man who can listen.

52.   And talk. About anything.

53.   His confidence in himself.

54.   He is a hottie.

55.   He thinks I’m a hottie.

56.   The way we can laugh about silly things.

57.   I love that he wants to see me in the morning no matter how bad I think I look.

58.   He doesn’t waste time.

59.   His glasses and how good he looks in them. (He had LASIK done 05/2011. He looks good without his glasses too.)

60.   He makes the best spagetti sauce I have ever tasted.

61.   His love of hot dogs and KD.

62.   He is a classic meat n potatos kind of guy. (Don’t send him to the grocery store – he’ll arrive home with pounds of meat but nothing to go with it.)

63.   His gorgeous body. He is just what I like. He is tall. He has such a great back and shoulders. His chest is amazing. Great arms. Lean legs. Cute butt. (My god, he’s perfect.)

64.   He always holds my hand whenever we are walking.

65.   He got me hooked on Tim Horton’s coffee.

66.   He married me. ( January 29, 2010)

67.   He is a boy at heart.

68.   He can think both “inside” and “outside” the box when needed.

69.   The number says it all.

70.   The way we sometimes just lie next to each other and gaze into each other’s eyes.

71.   He has the most perfect, luscious lips I’ve ever seen. He is a fantastic kisser. I love to kiss him and could do it for hours.

72.   He enjoys pleasing me. (And knows exactly what does.)

73.   He is good at forgiving me for occasional stupidity.

74.   He kisses me good-bye and hello.

75.   I love that I can tell him about all my fantasies.

76.   How eager he was to wear a wedding band. It’s so sexy to see it on his hand.

77.   I love that I’ve found in him, the friend and the lover, I always dreamed of.

78.   He is good under adverse conditions.

79.   The fact that he can grill and does it very well. It’s sexy when a man cooks, especially if it’s for me. His burgers and steaks are FANTASTIC.

80.   When he hugs me, it makes everything better. Even when nothing is wrong.

81.   He thinks I’m cute. Even when I don’t.

82.   The way he lights the lighter for me. (Even though he is a lighter thief.)

83.   The way he loves to tell me stories of things that happen to him, whether the things happened today or in the past.

84.   The fact that he loves me. That he loves me so much he wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me.

85.   How tall he is and how small I feel when he wraps his arms around me.

86.   How safe he makes me feel. I feel so protected. I know he’d never let anyone hurt me.

87.   The way he thinks about me when I’m not there.

88.   The fact that he forced me to drive his car, despite the fact that I was scared. He wouldn’t let me make excuses or freak out. (I now love driving his car.)

89.   How “in tune” we are with one another. We’ll have the same ideas, we’ll crave the same foods at the same time or the same activities. So many times I pick up my phone to text him and it starts beeping.

90.   His face. I would rather look at it than anything else. I know every line and curve. Nothing can make me smile more than seeing his face.

91.   He bought me a zombie novel. It shows he thinks of me and puts some thought into what I might enjoy.

92.   The way he is supportive of me.

93.   He has fun with me.

94.   The look on his face when he’s being naughty.

95.   He loves how perverted I can be.

96.   He always waves good-bye as he’s pulling out of the driveway.

97.   The fact that I can trust him completely. I can tell him anything and know that he won’t judge me. I’ve never had that before. I do not find it easy to trust people and there are very few whom I trust at all. But I have always felt I could trust him, even early in our relationship. I’m not sure why.

98.   How neurotic he is about his car being cleaned.

99.   The fact that he likes to go grocery shopping with me.

100. The fact that his desire for me, his passion for me, his interest in me, has not dimmed at all since we’ve been together. I don’t think we’ll ever lose this. I don’t ever want to. I don’t ever want to be the couple who goes out, sits on opposite sides of the table and each person reads their own book.

101. The fact that he is my best friend.

(This started out as 47 Things I Love About You in honour of my husband’s birthday but found once I started I couldn’t stop. There are just so many things I love about my husband and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I’ve decided to make this a life-long list. I will periodically add to this list as life goes on.)

102. The way his touch, even the slightest thing like stroking my hair or placing his hand on my knee, still thrills me.

103. He is willing to try anything once.

104. He will do almost anything to make me happy.

105. He acts like a baby when he is sick.

106. When he whispers in my ear “I want you”

107. I love that he waited for me to come to my senses. (Even though it took me 5 years.)

108. He puts up with my idiosyncrasies and weirdness. I am not the easiest person to live with. I fly off into a million things at once.

109. He is all mine.

110. The fact that he’s the most amazing, brilliant, sweet, loving, awesome, supportive, funny, imaginative, sexy, kind, thoughtful, clever, sneaky, quirky, stubborn, forgiving, understanding, determined, driven, irreverent, most precious person in the whole world.

111. I love that my husband loves his wife.

112. He patiently listens to me complain about petty things. Usually anyway. ツ

113. He encourages me when I am full of self-doubt.

114. He gets the mail from the mailbox. I always forget.

115. His words and the way I smile when I remember them.

116. He is devlishly wicked.

117. The way he reaches over and rubs my leg when we’re watching TV.

118. He likes the same erotic stories/fantasies as me.

119. He still loves me even when I screw up.

120. He knows exactly how I like my coffee.

121. He didn’t freak when I got a tattoo to cover my appendix scar, even though I was very exposed to the artist.

122. Before coming to bed he puts down the toilet seat so when I get up in the middle of the night I won’t fall in.  ツ

123. The little indentation in his shoulder that’s just at the right spot for my head when I want to snuggle.

124. He’s all I ever wanted in a man, and more.

125. He saw something in me that no one else could.

126. He makes my heart flutter when he says my name.

127. He makes my life exciting.

128. He gave my life a new adventure.

129. His ability to speak without saying a single word.

130. October 21, 2011… a night to remember. ツ

131. I love the way my heart races as his lips are about to meet mine.

132. His smell and how it lingers on my clothes after he hugs me.

133. I can tell him anything and he won’t be shocked.

134. He is so smart.

135. His memory is amazing and he just knows so much about so many random things.

136. I love it when I learn something new about him.

137. He wants to be with me. And I WANT to be with him.

138. The way his voice sounds when he is sleepy.

139. The way his eyes light up when he laughs.

140. He doesn’t expect me to be normal all the time.

141. He could have had any girl that he wanted but he still choose me.

142. He can always make my troubles go away with an ‘I love you’.

143. His nickname for me “Little One” (I’m really short)

144. How every time he comes back home from the gym, he shows off his muscles and looks at me with this proud, cute expression.

145. When he has a stubble, it’s sexy.

146. And I love it the smoothness of his freshly shaven skin.

147. How he denies that he snores.

148. How my heart still skips beats when he tells me he loves me.

149. He lets me to sleep with the heat off although he hates cold bedrooms.

150. How perfect he looks by my side.

151. The way he looks at me and when I say, “what?” he says “nothing,” but has a slick little smirk on his face…so I know he’s thinking something.

152. His laugh is contagious. I can’t hear it without at least smiling, even when I’m mad at him.

153. He is right most of the time, so I know I can trust his decisions.

154. Although he is right most of the time, he still lets me be right some of the time.

155. He comes home from work every evening in a good mood, whether he’s had a bad day or not… that’s something I need to work on and really admire about him.

156. He watches The Food Network with me.

157. How he once said zombies were stupid but now he watches all the new episodes of The Walking Dead and remembers to PVR them if we are working.

158. He rarely remembers to make the bed.  (Okay, this doesn’t make me love him, but it makes me remind myself that I love him anyway.)

159. He cleans up cat throw-up. That’s love.

160. How he seems to like everything I prepare in the kitchen even when I don’t. (The pieces of charcoal I tried to pass off as hamburgers.)

161. He laughs out loud at and talks to television shows.

162. In some ways, he’s a much kinder person than I am.

163. How if I don’t get something he’ll explain it to me until I do.

164. How he forgets and forgives all the times I’m grumpy, whiny, and discontent.

165. He makes me anticipate wonderful tomorrows.

166. He cleans the sink drains.


  1. I love your blog, you take the words right out of my mouth sometimes!!!!

    • I am glad you can relate to what i am writing.

      • oh me too. My boyfriend and I say to each other alot that it seems there are not too many people as lucky as we are, to have such an amazing relationship. I think I may have found the only other couple I have noticed is quite similar. Beautiful to see. Have an amazing weekend.

      • Too many couples seem downright miserable, they stop trying and become complacent, then wonder why they aren’t “in love” anymore. We are the lucky ones.

  2. THIS right here ^ gives me hope.. thank you. Please keep on writing..

    • Thank you for your comments. I am glad you enjoy my blog.

  3. I really enjoy your blog.
    Every single word of it.

    PA. Keep them coming, please!!!

    • Thank you so much for you comment and your words of encouagement. 🙂

  4. I am so glad I came across your blog. It has such an intriguing and wonderful vibe, love it.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words.

  5. Just WOW, this is perfect love ! i read every word and i was about to cry :’)

  6. Beautiful to read and so happy for you and your husband….it reminds me so much of me and my wonderful boyfriend….isn’t love wonderful 🙂 thanks for sharing I can relate to it…here’s to many more happy years

  7. 130. October 21, 2011… a night to remember. ツ
    it’s two years now! wooww ♥♥

    • I will never forget that date. 🙂

  8. aahhhh #151. it gets me giddy every time my boyfriend does that to me. he’s always tries to cover up stuff he’s thinking but his adorable smirk gives him away. I love it.

    • Love that smirk. 🙂

  9. your words gives hope to those who haven’t this beautiful feeling about the true love.thnx

  10. This is my first time go to see at here and i am truly pleassant to read all at alone place.

  11. I love this 🙂

  12. 95% of this is so me and my husband…down to the details. I laughed and cried when I read this. Then of course went over to my dear hubby and wrapped my arms around him and kissed the top of his head. This is awesome!

    • What a great comment. 🙂 With so much husband bashing going on out there it’s nice to hear someone else is crazy in love.

  13. Some of your love story reflects mine. Ive been married twenty years to the most wonderful man. We are still deeply in love. We have been blessed with the sweetest young man on earth to call our son. Life is very good. Thanks for sharing your list. Bless you all. Z

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