A Life Time of Love

Life Time Of Love

A single moment with you is a life time experience on its own. There hasn’t been yet a single day which feels the same as the other. I feel 10 with you, 16 with you, 20 with you and 44 too.


Happy 3rd Anniversary

Happy 3rd Anniversary

LOVE.  It’s what pieced us together when our paths couldn’t have been farther apart. Three years ago we married not only one another, but also the road we hadn’t yet seen.  This crazy ride that has blessed us and given us more opportunity than I ever imagined. We set off on this path to accomplish whatever life would hand us and so far, the ride has been magnificent. 

I’ve tried to pinpoint when exactly our worlds collided and I fell hard, fast and without looking back.  And I think it’s laced in all of our stories.  There are many moments in our lives that have brought us to this one and I wouldn’t trade any of them.  Thank You for making me the Luckiest Girl in the World three years ago and continuing to make me feel that way. 

Happy Anniversary my Man. I love you.

I Love…

I Love...

I love your smile – because it makes me happy.

I love your hands – because when you hold me I feel like I’m home.

I love your voice – because it lights up my whole day to hear it.

I love your hugs – because they make me feel special.

I love your chest – because your heartbeat makes me calm.

But most of all I love your eyes – because when I look into them I see you.

A World of Love

World of Love

You mean the world to me and I hope I make that obvious to you every day.



Last night was amazing. That is all.

That Thing

That Thing

I’ve had a very stressful day… you could help me relax by doing that thing with your tongue.


Simply Love

Simply Love

I Love You. No hearts and no pretty drawings. No poems or cryptic messages. I love you. That is all.

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