Let the Adventure Begin

Let The Adventure Begin

In just a few days we will start our vacation. This one will be different from others we have taken in the past – no guide picking us up at the airport, we rented a car; no 5 star all-inclusive resort, we rented a house on the beach. For 10 wonderful days we will be left to our own devices. In the past we never made it off the resort but this time we will explore our surroundings. I want to try surfing, trek into the mountains, rent a dune buggy, watch the whales frolic, temp my taste buds at the local restaurants, skinny dip at midnight, watch the sun set over the Pacific, do something, anything, besides laze around a pool all day (although we will do that too, just not every day). Most of all I want to have fun with my husband.

Let our adventure begin.

In Love

In Love

I’m 100% in love with you.

Morning Love

Morning Love

So I woke up this morning next to the man of my dreams.


The ABC’s of Love

The ABC's of Love

A is for Always – always and forever will love you.

B is for Best – best thing that has ever happened to me.

C is for Choose – thank you for choosing me.

D is for Devotion – I’m devoted to you.

E is for Everything – You mean the world to me.

F is for Faithful – faithful and true I’ll always be.

G is for Great – in bed and out.

H is for Handsome – Super handsome.

I is for Interesting – and you certainly make my life more of that.

J is for Just – just can’t get enough of you.

K is for Kick – I get a kick out of you.

L is for Life – Thanks for sharing life with me.

M is for Manly – I love your masculinity.

N is for News – I want to shout our love from the rooftops!

O is for Out – Outta this world.

P is for Precious – So precious you are to me.

Q is for Quirky – and proud of it! So glad you love my quirks too.

R is for Real – Our marriage is the real deal.

S is for Sexy – Mmmm!

T is for Time – I treasure the time we spend together.

U is for Unforgettable – that’s what you are!

V is for Very – Very much yours.

W is for Work – Thanks for working hard for us.

X is for E-X-tradordinary – You are extra special!

Y is for Yes – as in Yes, Again.

Z is for Zero – No one can replace you. You’re one of a kind.

Impossible Love

Impossisble Love

It’s almost as impossible to tell you how much I love you as it is to count all the ripples in the ocean.

Fun Love

Fun Love

With you, life is million times more fun.



If I had to choose between a perfect world and you, I’d pick you because what’s a perfect world if you’re not there with me?

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