If I can’t be with you … I have to take matters into my own hands.

My Heart Races

You know how people say that someone makes their heart race? Well you don’t just make mine race, you make mine beat faster and slower at the same time. In this situation LOVE isn’t just what I feel towards you, it’s what keeps me from wanting anything else.

Magnetic Pull

You are my magnet, the one I never want to separate from.






I Am Sure

I am sure of what I want and what I need and this, my man, is YOU!

I love you.



Cause and Effect

Actions speak louder than words.

Do Not Disturb

Let’s play

There’s so much that we can do

Have a play date in our room

I can show you all the toys that you might like

To bring the fantasies to life

The rest is up to you baby

Let’s just play

Lyrics by Kristina Maria


(Lusty thoughts by me ツ)

Naughty Things

Your words entice me to become naked and do all the naughty things I’ve only ever dreamt about.


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