Nothing’s more exciting to me than the anticipation of intense raw physical pleasure.

I Love My Husband

You are:

A — Awesome

B — Breathtaking

C — Cuddly

D — Deviant

E — Exhilarating

F – Fantastic

G — Great

H — Handsome

I — Ingenious

J — Jovial

K — Kinky

L — Lovable

M — Masculine

N — Naughty

O – Outstanding

P — Provoking

Q – Quintessential

R — Rousing

S — Sexy

T — Thrilling

U — Upbeat

V — Valiant

W — Witty

X — citing

Y — Yummy

Z – Zesty

I love you.



I like finding new and wonderful ways to express my every feeling, which are numerous and deep and consuming.

You Are My World

Every time I close my eyes to go to sleep I pick out my favourite memory of us. Of you.

Sometimes it is when one of us make the whine like the dog in the video and we laughed so hard that we laughed even more just because it was so fun to laugh. Your smile.

Sometimes it is when we lie in bed and snuggle. Chest to chest, arms around each other, legs tangled and cheek to cheek. The way you smell.

Sometimes it is when we are walking and you suddenly take my hand as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. How much you matter to me.

You mean the world to me and no matter what, I will always love you

Touching You

Come over here and I’ll give you a good rub down.


Love Is … You

Being with you has shown me what love is all about.


Merry Christmas

Oh look… it’s mistletoe. ツ

Merry Christmas my love.


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