You turned my life into something beautiful.

I love you.





The hands of my Man touching me, caressing me softly… at first

My heart beats faster with every breath against my skin

As his mouth meets my skin I close my eyes as my body tingles with sensation

My mind races with visions of things to come

Wanting this so badly

I bite my lip as I feel the excitement rising

And pleasure finally comes to my aching body

You’re Perfect For Me

Because I’m just as weird and strange as you are.





You make me melt.




There’s Nothing Better

There’s nothing better than getting a nice hug from the person you’ve chosen to stand alongside for the rest of your life.



Spork & Foon

Spooning leads to forking.

And spooning is nice but forking is better.

On My Mind

You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.



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