My Kind of Guy

You’re the kind of guy who’ll lie in the curve of my midnight sleep and hold me close and when the morning light comes. You’ll still kiss me despite our morning breath but also if need be you’ll leave me alone and give me my own space.

You’re the kind of guy who loves every single part of me because you say I’m everything special already.

I love you.

Coffee & You

Things I like about COFFEE:

– Coffee is hot

– Coffee makes me excited

– Coffee is good enough to have everyday

– Coffee smells good

– Coffee makes me nervous sometimes

– Coffee sometimes keeps me up all night

– Coffee gives me the warm fuzzies

– Even when coffee is too strong or too weak, it’s still good.

 Things I like about YOU:

Pretty much the same as coffee 


Did I mention I love you?


We were together before – years ago. It was real love; so powerful for both of us that we didn’t know how to handle it. It got weird and I split in the spring. You moved out west.

The next five years were self-indulgent. I thought of you sometimes and when I did I wondered how you were, if you were okay, if you still thought of me, if you had a new love … but it wasn’t in the front of my mind because all that space was occupied with selfish thoughts. I dated plenty of other people. You dated plenty of other people. All of them were kept at arm’s length. None of them mattered even though they thought they did.

Then we started talking again. You were on the west coast; I was on the east. We got together for a weekend after all those years and it was more than we could have imagined. We hugged and talked. It suddenly made sense why nothing had made sense for so long. We had truly found love before we were ready for it and now it had come back. So after a few months I asked you to marry me. You said yes.

We are so happy together. We have the kind of love that makes other people realize that they can do better. They can make themselves happy while making someone else happy too. We have the kind of love that books are written about. For us, leaving was the only way to save it, and now that it has come back around we are satisfied by how much we had to go through to get to here.

I am glad you were patient. 

I Used To Wonder

I used to wonder if you still thought about me.
I used to wonder if you still loved me, even just a little bit.
I used to wonder if there would ever be another chance for us to tie the knot and never let go.

Not any more … now I know.

I Love…

Dream of Us


I want you to be the first person I wake up to and the last person I sleep to, so I can dream of us. . .
and make these dreams a real day.

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