I’m Mad at You


Because you are an idiot. Still love you though so I will put on my happy face. I will get over it… eventually.



The Magic of Your Love

The Magic of Your Love

One of the best things about being in love with you is that I have begun to enjoy every season of life with a lot more zest than I usually do. Such is the magic of your love.

Smiles & Happiness

Smiles and Happiness

When I think of you, I smile. When I smile, I think of you. You are my happiness and my every happiness comes from you. I love you.

Someone, Somewhere

Someone, Somewhere

I just want to inform you that someone somewhere is missing you a lot. And that someone is me. I hate it when you work days and I work nights. Three and a half days is too long to go without kissing you.


Tons of Love

Tons of Love

There are a million ways I can say that I love you. I don’t know which one to pick. All I know is that I love you tons and tons!




I Love You… So Much


The day you stepped into my life, you changed it into something so wonderful and meaningful. You are just so amazing to have around. I cannot stop myself from telling you every day, how much you mean to me. I love you so much.

My perfect World

Me, you and our love is all it takes to make the perfect world in which I want to live forever. I love you.


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