I want to play a game.


Night Shifts Suck

I’m only lonely when you’re not around.




I love sleeping with you. And I don’t just mean sex. I mean sleep. Together. Under the blankets, with my hand on your chest. And your arms around me. With the AC on so it’s a bit chilly and we have to cuddle closer. No talking, just little kisses. And fall asleep, blissfully happy, in silence. Together. And I miss this so much when you are working night.


You make me laugh at things that aren’t funny, you can make me smile without actually being with me, you make my stomach flip with a text, you make my heart skip a beat when you smile at me. Yeah, I still think you’re amazing.


I Love…

I love being in love with someone who loves me back.




Hot erotic dreams. I have them about you.

Just You

In 2012 the population on earth reached over 1 billion.

YOU are my one in 7,055,000,000.


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