That Amazing

I am selfish. I want you to myself. I can’t help it … you are that amazing.


Different Love

You know almost everything there is to know about me. You are like me in so many ways but different in so many others. There is much about you that I don’t know, things you keep hidden deep inside your mind. I think you’ll find your deep secrets are the same as mine, we just need to share. You go first. Tell me something I don’t know.


There is no life without the sun, the moon, the stars and you. You are my universe … you are everything and everything is you.





Every Day Love

Every day I spend with you is the new best day of my life.



You Make Me Smile

You make me happy. In fact, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while. When you tell me you love me I smile, not only outside but on the inside too. Falling asleep next to you makes the crappiest day into a good day. I could go down the endless list, but you get the picture. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you.



The Kiss

I want to feel your hands in my hair and kiss you deeply. I want you to push me up against the wall and let our lips and tongues collide. So lost in the moment that we are totally unaware of anything around us, and nothing seems to matter, because we are so lost in the kiss.

Your Hand Here

For you I’d just be there. Someone to talk to, share things with, confide in… someone to ask you how your day was and you’re comfortable enough to share, without fear of ridicule or disinterest. Someone to cuddle with and share intimate moments with, someone you will always feel safe with.
We play together and laugh together. You will have no fears with me.  We’ll live dangerously and make every day an adventure. Live life and love it, have no regrets. Passion, kindness, honesty, happiness, sincerity and respect are everyday words. A million people in the world and I only have eyes for you. Give me a smile and I will give you my whole. Be there for me and I’ll be there for you a thousand times over.




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