You Are A Part of Me

This is my…
Gift to you…
For all the things you’ve done for me
Lifting me up when I didn’t know what to do
You’ve told me your secrets
And I have told you mine
Our lives have come together
And now we have combined.
My words are my gift
To both myself and to you
Because for some reason
With all these words to read
Mine are the ones you choose

This is my…
Gift to you…
I show you the world
As I see it
I write this now
Because I mean it
You’ve stood behind me and held me up
Even when I didn’t know you were there
You have become such a part of me
I only wish that I could thank you as much
As you deserve to be

I guess we are bound now,
By what we read
As much as I am a part of you…
You are a part of me
These are my words,
My gift to you 


I loved this rhyme when I was little.

“Starlight, Starbright – First star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.”

My simple wishes back then were for things like a new doll or a sleepover with a friend…

Now my heart wishes for bigger things like… Wishing you were here. Wishing I was there. Wishing it was different.

Wishing wishes came true.

I Miss You

When I say “I miss you” it isn’t just words. Not characters on a blinking screen. Not shallow motives sent through satellites blinking and breaking through invisible spaces
navigated by cell phones and computers.

I miss you.

Every second of every day. Through daydreams and doldrums. My everyday suffers suffers from a lack, a lack of you. Not being close enough, close enough to touch your ordinary day.

When I say “I miss you” they aren’t just words. A shivering shudder runs through my soul, consistently brushing my heart which chases shadows away with the memory of your presence.

It’s an overflowing emptiness having you so far away. But still it feels the same to have you fill the fractures in me. Equal bits of completion. Complete the empty void. The void which is constantly in flux. Fluctuating emotions mean I wish you were here

I Miss You

Miss You - Words

I miss you so much right now…
I need to feel you against me.
I want to melt in your embrace.
I need you so much right now…
I crave your lips on my neck…
And the way you whisper in my ear,
that makes me weak at the knees.
I want you so much right now…
I miss your smile and your laugh.

I miss your warmth and your touch.
I miss everything that you are.
I miss everything you make me feel, when we’re together.

Every passing day we spend apart is pure torture…
Seeing you at last, made it all worthwhile.
But still I have to say…
I miss you so much right now…

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