Wishes Do Come True

I really wish your tongue was here.


If I was having an affair with a guy like you, I’d be wet all the time just thinking about you and the things you could do to me.

Incredibly Irresistible

I need to warn you of something: my husband is incredibly sexy. Sometimes I feel like yelling,“Back off, whores. He’s mine.” Especially to the little tarts he works with.


You should have a warning label that says… “Warning: choking hazard.”


I had a naughty dream last night and you were in me… I mean, it.


I desire you like no woman ever has or ever will.

Helping Hand

My car broke down on 69 Horny Street… I heard you’re the best mechanic around. Can you give me a hand?

Kiss Me

I really want you to kiss me on my lips … then work your way UP to my belly button.

Missing You

My legs are missing you in between them.

Can’t Wait…

… to get my mouth on you.


Which would you choose? More importantly, which would I like best?

What I Want

I want to kiss you during commercials and feel your hands roam my body. I want to feel your slightly hardened cock as I pull down your pants, working you up with my hands and mouth. And I want you to make me wet (not that it will take much). I want you to see my face as you excite me. I want to feel you kiss my neck as you explore my body and bite me as I begin to lose control. I want to take you in my mouth and suck on you making you even harder. I want to lower my wetness onto your tongue before I lower myself onto your hardness and ride you till I cum. I want you to hold me with my tits crushed against your chest as I come back down to earth while kissing me passionately. Then I want to do you while looking into your eyes to share our experience wordlessly with each other. I want you to cum inside me. Then tell me you love me and to have you pull me to you to as we kiss again.

Stress Relief

I had a stressful day. Want to help me unwind?


I know you’re going to the gym today, but save a little energy for me later.

No Stopping Me

Digging your fingers into the arch of my back, you slowly unbutton my shorts as I take apart your belt buckle and quickly pull your underwear off. You push yourself inside me. First gently, then thrusting hard making me moan loud enough for the neighbors to hear but you don’t want to stop and neither do I…



I find you absolutely mouth-watering.


Lean over and whisper in my ear, dirty things to make me horny.



Caught a glimpse of your ass when you got up this morning. Amazing.


As you slowly bend me over and kiss down my back you can feel me start to tremble and twitch, it’s because I know what’s coming next. Soon you’ll deep inside me, nailing away with each thrust harder than the last…


Oh, I’m such a selfish girl. All I want is your cock. I think selfish girls deserve a spanking wouldn’t you agree?

Especially When

I love the way your hard cock rubs against the soft pink lips of my tight little pussy, makes me so wet… especially when you enter me slowly, thrusting the head in and out just a bit, teasing me… can’t wait till these night shifts are over and I have you to myself again.


I’ve been thinking about you all day. It hasn’t been innocent.





Let me explain how I’m feeling in the fewest possible words… I want you inside me, then sleeping beside me.

Hard and Fast

Or slow and deep.


I’m just sitting here imagining you kissing my neck, down to the base of my throat and then back up to my mouth where the tip of your tongue would moisten my lips while running your hand up the middle of my back to unhook my bra…




Well do you???


I want to play a game.



Hot erotic dreams. I have them about you.

Lusty Thoughts

I am like your pinky toe. Why do I say that you ask? Well … I’m small, cute and you can bang me on the coffee table later tonight.

Busy Day

I know you’re busy today, but can you add one thing to your to-do list? Me



You look incredibly hot in your jeans. How can I resist putting my hands on you when you’re wearing them? Or not wearing them…

Oh That Feeling

Only you can give me that feeling.


Thought For The Day

When we get home…


Warm and Wet

You make me feel warm and wet in all the right places.


I sexted you but you never replied. Obviously you were so excited by my words that you fainted.

The Answer

Wanna work on this equation? If you know what I mean.


I want all of you. Forever. You and me every day.

Just Wondering

Well are we???

Dirty Mind

Why yes I do and for some reason this pic reminded me of you.

How You Word It

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you do me… I still want to do it with you again. Here’s to a lifetime of fabulous sex.


Oh Yeah

I have an ache I need you to satisfy.

Like Ice Cream

I want to suck you… lick you… I want to move my tongue all over you

Taking your warm flesh between my lips

Feeling your hardness in my mouth

Fearlessly swallowing big, deep mouthfuls of you

Your unique flavour racing across my tongue

Yup, just like ice cream



Yes, I have a dirty mind and you’re on it.



When I look at you I see a man that I find irresistible.


Remember, we’re madly in love, so it’s all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it.


Vacation Time

My plans for our vacation:

1. Relax and enjoy my surroundings

2. Say “yes” to everything

3. Wear something pretty (and sexy) every day

4. Flirt with you like we are single

5. Have sex, and lots of it ♥

(^Where we’ll be for the next 10 days)

Touchy Feely

Feeling your hands on my body, touching and caressing me, makes me feel wanted, desired and loved.


I love the way your mouth makes me wiggle and squirm.


What They Say

I think I should tell you what people are saying behind your back…. Nice Ass!!!

I have to agree.



Go Ahead …

Bite me.

(No, really, I like it.)

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