Loving You


Worth It

The months and the years are slipping by and I tell you often enough that I love you. I don’t know, though, if I’ve really told you how loving you has improved the quality of my life in so many ways. I’ve been so happy since we have been together. I would say that I’ve always been a positive person and I try to look on the bright side of things, but being with you has brought me a joy that I have never known before. Life’s just better with you in it.

Thankful For You

Thankful For You

I am so thankful for what we have and for everything we will have. Especially glad I have you in my life.

Loving Moments

Loving Moments

There are moments in our lives when we see with perfect clarity just how much it means to have someone who can take care of us and love us as much as they can. I’m so glad that someone in my life is you.

Happy Valentine’s Day Husband

Happy Valentines Day Husband

Today is Valentine’s Day. I should make you an amazing dinner or we should go out for dinner. I should put on a dress and heels and look fantastic for you. I should greet you at the door with a cold German beer and I should spend the evening cuddling with you and telling you how much I love you. Instead, we will sleep all day and we will work all night. It’s ridiculous that we have to work night shift on today of all days. But, it’s the thoughts that count, right?

I know I don’t say it enough, but I am a lucky woman. And I love you very, very much. Thank you for being my husband. There is no one else I’d rather laugh with and love.


I Love You So Much


I Love You So Much

I love you today, this very moment, right now, and I always will.

Crazy In Love


You make my life so amazing.


300,000 Page Views


Wow, just wow. I can’t believe I managed to keep a blog going to 300,000 page views! Thanks to everyone who has been reading my words of love. And thanks to my husband, without him this blog wouldn’t be possible.

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