The ABC’s of Love

The ABC's of Love

A is for Always – always and forever will love you.

B is for Best – best thing that has ever happened to me.

C is for Choose – thank you for choosing me.

D is for Devotion – I’m devoted to you.

E is for Everything – You mean the world to me.

F is for Faithful – faithful and true I’ll always be.

G is for Great – in bed and out.

H is for Handsome – Super handsome.

I is for Interesting – and you certainly make my life more of that.

J is for Just – just can’t get enough of you.

K is for Kick – I get a kick out of you.

L is for Life – Thanks for sharing life with me.

M is for Manly – I love your masculinity.

N is for News – I want to shout our love from the rooftops!

O is for Out – Outta this world.

P is for Precious – So precious you are to me.

Q is for Quirky – and proud of it! So glad you love my quirks too.

R is for Real – Our marriage is the real deal.

S is for Sexy – Mmmm!

T is for Time – I treasure the time we spend together.

U is for Unforgettable – that’s what you are!

V is for Very – Very much yours.

W is for Work – Thanks for working hard for us.

X is for E-X-tradordinary – You are extra special!

Y is for Yes – as in Yes, Again.

Z is for Zero – No one can replace you. You’re one of a kind.

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