Messy Love

Messy Love

It’s about imperfection and flaws and mistakes.  It’s about the mess.  Love is an emotional train wreck but I want the mess.  I want the train wreck.  There will be days when we are so tired of each other, when we want to throw in the towel and be done with it.  There will be days when I want to wring your neck and want to pull your hair out, what little of it you have left.  Sometimes I will drive you crazy and sometimes you will annoy me to no end.  We will be frustrated.  But we will also laugh and laugh and laugh.  We’ll act like kids and have fun and never grow up.  We will be enslaved by our passion for life and for each other.  We’ll kiss each other unexpectedly. (Nomnomnom) We will explore new places together.  I hog the covers and I like to cuddle and sometimes I snore but so do you. These will be the best time of our lives, crazy and happy all at once.

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