Fall In Love

Fall In Love

Do you know what you have fallen in love with…

All my insecurities and my obsession with trying to figure out what everyone thinks of me. My immaturity and my over active tear ducts. My constant need to feel loved and appreciated and my tendency to be too clingy. My troubled past and my hopes and dreams and how I am really a hopeless romantic at heart. My self-hate and all my imperfections.

But you also have fallen in love with…

The way my eyes will always smile when I’m with you. The way I leave little notes around the house for you. Not always though. Randomly, whenever I want to. The occasional humorous and thought-provoking things I say. How my heart skips a beat every time I see you, even after all these years. How I always wanted you right from the start. How I think you are amazing. That I understand with perfect clarity what and who you are.

But the most important thing is I love you because you’re loveable, there’s something in you that makes me love you. My love says something about you that maybe you yourself don’t know.


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