My Husband

My Husband

Now if you remember prince charming is typically described as “tall, dark, and handsome” and he fits this mold in his own quirky way. He is tall. Not too tall though. Perfectly tall. He’s strong and fit. In a way that when he wraps his arms around me I feel safe and protected. Smaller. I feel like a space was saved for me in those arms of his. Oh is he handsome. His smile makes sparks fire within my soul. I long for him… even now he distracts me. He won me over in 5 measly minutes. Without even trying. I wanted him in my life from the very moment we met. I fell head over heels for him. Without a doubt, deep for him. My heart feels as though it has finally found its counterpart. The last piece to my puzzle. He’s the man I’ve been dreaming of my whole life. I know without a doubt, deep in my soul, that he is the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. His touch makes my stomach tighten. His smile lights me on fire. When he speaks I want to savour every story. I love him, inside and out.

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