What I Want

I want to kiss you during commercials and feel your hands roam my body. I want to feel your slightly hardened cock as I pull down your pants, working you up with my hands and mouth. And I want you to make me wet (not that it will take much). I want you to see my face as you excite me. I want to feel you kiss my neck as you explore my body and bite me as I begin to lose control. I want to take you in my mouth and suck on you making you even harder. I want to lower my wetness onto your tongue before I lower myself onto your hardness and ride you till I cum. I want you to hold me with my tits crushed against your chest as I come back down to earth while kissing me passionately. Then I want to do you while looking into your eyes to share our experience wordlessly with each other. I want you to cum inside me. Then tell me you love me and to have you pull me to you to as we kiss again.

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