Which would you choose? More importantly, which would I like best?


  1. This is the first post on your blog I’ve read. From a male perspective, it depends on what I choose to use. I’ve never personally used “The Destroyer” so I have no comment on that. Personally, I’m not well enough endowed to be comfortable with a girl that could fit my fist inside of her. I’ve learned that the best way to go is to start with the teaser (although I rarely use the index finger) and work your way up to the pleaser. Once she is wet and ready slip a single middle finger into with the nail side toward her ass (always keep your nails clipped and filed) and the soft side toward her stomach. Push it in deep (3 fingers should be pointing down toward her ass, your palm should be up and on her clit, and your thumb just kind of sticks horizontal to her stomach) and start slow; increase tempo as she becomes more arouse. Move your whole hand up and down so that your slightly curved finger is moving up and down inside of her. Not in and out, but up and down (this is important).This does a few things, it applies upward pressure to the G-Spot, you can move your finger around a bit to make things a little more stimulating, the palm of your hand pushes and rubs against the clitoris, and one of your downward facing fingers can rub and even enter her ass. Now, as she starts to heat up, get more vigorous. I mean, you can really get pretty aggressive with her. Don’t hurt her but remember that a baby comes out of that thing, it can take quite a bit of up and down action. Suck on her nipples, kiss her neck, etc while you do this and I guarantee she will have a body shaking orgasm that she will love.

    • Hot reading. 😉

      • Sorry for the typos; I got so excited and prematurely hit reply. So embarrassing. 😛

      • I was so excited I never noticed the typos. 🙂

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