Love. It’s not something you can see or measure. Love. It’s not something easily described. But when I look at you I am filled with it. A warmth flooding through me, overwhelming me. It is a feeling unlike any other. One loving look from you and I am floored. One idle caress from you, slowly down my jaw – just the once – and I am consumed. One cosy, safe hug from you; your body
heat warming me to my very core and I am elated. One demanding, passionate kiss from you and I am dizzy, overriding my senses, sending me into a spiral of desire. Love is not something you can touch, it is not something you can taste. When I see you I know love … I can see love reflected in your green eyes, in the happy smile that slowly spreads across your handsome face. Love. It’s harder than hard to define.  Unless you’re me. Love is you … it’s your every caressing look, loving touch, breathy whisper, lustful smell and fulfilling kiss. It’s in those three little words you say: “I love you.”

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