So Glad

Years ago, I tried so desperately to let go of you. To kick you out of my heart, my mind, my dreams. I tried my hardest. And I succeeded … for a while. I ignored the tug at my heart every time I saw little things that reminded me of you (things like white vans, The Lunar Rogue). I ignored the jealous thoughts that would start to flare up when I thought of you with someone else. I was so used to being the one you would always have your hands on, so used to us absentmindedly touching each other’s arms, you tickling me tortuously, your kisses. So I became numb to it, I tried not to let it affect me. I fully convinced myself I was over you.

But that was then. Last year through by some really perfect act of the fates we connected again. Ours is a good story, the kind that they make movies about. The love, anger, tears, attraction, long late night conversations, the pain … eventually all that struggling was worth it.

The first time I saw you again I got hit with a feeling so hard that it damn near knocked me breathless. I had reservations but that weekend you made me fall for you all over again. I fell especially hard and fast. You soothed me, talked sense into me, explaining the reasons I already knew, reassuring me. Loving me. There are things you told me that elated me, and to this day are still etched almost perfectly into my memory.

You will always be the one I think of as my one true love. I am so glad you are my husband.

I love you.

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