In My Eyes

Just over a year I go I would have been surprised if someone told me I’d be where I am today. I would have denied it adamantly. My own smile was not recognizable to me in the months prior to that blog post. I never intended for you to read it. But that post brought you along, back into my life.

I’d been stubborn and a pain in your ass, but to you I was still worth something. I was beautiful, charming, a little crazy, and slightly up and down, but I was passionate. Even the moments in which you noticed my accent, turned into memorable moments in which I was adorable in your eyes. I was everything to you I had always wanted to be to somebody.

In the last year we’ve loved and laughed. The year has had its many ups, and the occasional down, but we have managed to stay and head over heels for one another. You have become my best friend, my lover, my husband and the man of my dreams. You definitely make me feel a little more normal than perhaps I really am. Know that with every “I love you” you say, brings much comfort in the fact that your heart is mine and to this day you remain amazing in my eyes.

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