Memory Lane

It was nearly eight years ago when you entered my world. I had not expected an adventure to develop. A romance. We started out superficial. Surface level. But as time went on, you became my ultimate crush. I kept this to myself, how silly it was to fall for someone over private messages.

We were going to the same party and I convinced you to meet me first before heading off to the crowded party together. I was nervous to be around you. You gave me butterflies.

The next day our time together was quickly coming to an end, but neither of us was ready to end it. Then you asked me a question. I wish I could have seen me through your eyes that day.

In the weeks that followed I questioned you about your likes, your loves, your dislikes, your life. Everything. I wanted to soak you in. I wanted to know all about you.

My feelings for you intensified. In a very short time I realised it was more than a crush. You were a man I was madly and deeply in love with. You were true to what I had thought you to be and I had not thought it possible for me to like someone this much. I kept this to myself, how silly it was to fall for someone so quickly.

We had 2+ years together before we drifted apart. We weren’t meant to be at that particular moment in time.

Fast forward to October. We are in SJ for a second time and I was once again with the man that had captivated my heart, mind and body all those years ago. You – us – had become real to me once more. I realised you knew me. All aspects of me. The good, the bad and the ugly. And you were still sitting there next to me. Again I found myself wishing I could have seen myself through your eyes. I wanted you. All of you. There was nothing more in this world that I wanted than to be yours once again. This time I didn’t think it was silly to fall for you so quickly and I didn’t keep it to myself.

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