I Love…

I love being held. I love when I am in your arms. I know its selfish but that is what I love. I love waking up to you and smiling and having you smile back. I love you wrapping your arms around me and then falling right back asleep.

I love it when you walk in the airport, seeing you notice me and then seeing you smile. I love it when you walk over to me, wrap me in a big hug and say hi. We act like we haven’t seen each other in ages. That is a great feeling.

Feeling the rush of your lips trailing down my body, covering every spot of skin. Giving in to you, giving you what we both want. Feeling like one. Knowing our love will not fade. Knowing that I make you happy.

The happy moments, the secret smiles. Going out with my children and saying something they don’t get, but you give me that look that tells me you got it and you found it funny. You telling me how beautiful I am in front of my kids. Them looking at us and seeing how much we adore each other. The feeling of pride when my daughter tells me she is happy her mother has found someone that makes her so happy.

I love you!

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