Happy Valentine’s Day My Love

You are miles away from me this Valentine’s Day. I miss you but I am content just to sit here with memories of you, recent and more distant. I’d given up on finding a love like ours until you came back into my life. The unexpected always strikes out of the blue, in our case it started with that simple, little birthday wish … fate some would say.  

A whirlwind of experiences has swept through our lives over the past several months… reconnecting through emails and telephone calls; you flying half way across this vast country just to spend a few days with me; that first visit in SJ when you asked me once again, Who am I? and I knew just what you meant; the fortune cookies; our engagement and last month our wedding. We truly rock each other’s world and to think our journey is just beginning.

I want you to know that even though I say I love you a lot, the feelings behind the words never change. Whether I say it once or say it a million times, I love you just the same every time and always will from now and for the rest of our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day … my man, my husband, my M. I love you!

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