My Love In Technicolor

Before you, my world was grey.

Except, to my eyes, it was normal, this lack of colour was acceptable, relatable; my world was a lack of all that was vibrant and right.

Then you entered my life, like mellow and relaxing music, like a comfortable atmosphere, you surrounded me and put me at ease, thereby allowing snippets of colour to be injected into the monotony that was my day after day after day.

I heard your voice and listened to you laugh once again. I read your words, they touched me and brought back memories buried deep within my subconscious. You lifted me up, placed me next to you and commenced to tell me things about myself that I had forgotten. Things no one else had noticed, things no one else cared about.

More colours, more lights, into a world that had long since forgotten their meanings.

And I adored you; I was amazed with your actions and your wit, your love and your abilities. And I saw you, took in the handsome smoothness of your face, looked into the green eyes that captivated me so. I held your hand, was struck by the realization that my love was as solid for you as your hand in mine.

You guided me with love…and the life of the colours I had dismissed, were brought back in full flow.

I was dizzy from watching them, but you held me steady and delighted in seeing my childlike wonder in the new world we discovered…

…and then you had to go.

I had to leave the colours, leave the lights, leave the life that I enjoyed so much and was growing fond of…a life with you.

Now here, in this hell, comprised of cold and desolate plains, where there is nothing but grey and lifeless to be seen, I miss you with the fiercest passion.

And to alleviate the pain, I spend my time plotting.

Plotting my life with you.

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