Just Longing For You

Every second of my day,
My body is calling for you,
My mind is calling for you,
My soul is calling for you,

And my heart is screaming for you.

It’s so much easier to be apart, when I know how long we are parted, and when that time is short. Then my body, and my mind, and my soul, and especially my heart, can try to wait patiently.

However, now we are separated, not by a weekend trip with family, or a Saturday job, or an outing with friends. We are separated by: an eleven-hour flight, a three-hour time difference, ever shifting work and stupidly expensive texting rates.

So of course my body, and my mind, and my soul, and especially my heart, start their loud and constant objection.

So now, at nights I am kept awake by thoughts of you. Then I am plagued by blissful dreams of you. And I am kept restless knowing I cannot be in your arms where I belong.

And what does my heart do?

It cries,
And weeps,
And screams,
And begs.

But most of all, it will lie there, feeling hollow and broken, because part of it, remains with you. And in these quiet moments, of longing you be reunited with you, I find myself drifting. And I clutch the reminder of you that I wear around my neck, in my small, tight fist.

And I just long for you.


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