Holding Hands

Holding Hands

I love holding hands with you. Counting perfectly-fitted fingers in between mine. How each hand gestures that I am loved and I have someone to love in return. How my hand in yours wiped every frustration I had. Those same hands that have kept me sane even when everything is becoming out of focus.


My Love

My Love

My love for you will never fade, I’m still crazy about you, baby.


Definition of Love

Definiation of Love

My perfect definition of love is you.

Out of Control


For me, there is no control, not when it comes to how I feel about you.

A Really Good Decision

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When I first met you, I was unsure about how things would turn out for us. Looking at things now, I can am glad to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life to have chosen you… you bring so much joy into my life.

We Have Joy, We Have Fun


I have an amazing life. I know all the joys of the world are mine and I have you to thank for it. Thank you for making me feel like I’m the luckiest girl alive.


Some Say Love

Some Say Love

They say that love is a game of give and take and best suited are the ones who understand this. With you, it has been different, it has never been about who loves the other more, for indeed we have always been about loving each other to the best of our abilities and never expecting anything in return. It is in this sense of love and togetherness that we have built a life together and I’m grateful for your love each and every single day.


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