Happy 6th Anniversary

Happy 6 anniversaryTime is much sweeter when I spend it with you.


tumblr_n3iwmcxlNX1r4jst5o1_500You taste good.



My brain cells are swimming in murky, uneventful, unfulfilled-infested waters. I am in need of some cerebral adrenaline rush. Where we were seems to have been buried so deep into the soil that I almost don’t remember how it was. I feel we are unconnected. I stay mostly quiet now. There’s nothing much to say. Except, observe. I wish I could be as detached as you are. The past few months don’t seem to have rattled you at all. But that has always been our difference.

We need this vacation next month to recharge and reconnect as a couple. With no distractions. Just becoming close again.


You Sexy Thing

And for your entertainment…

(Yaar sexy though)

Amazing Love

I am amazed when I look at you. Not just because of your looks but because of the fact everything I’ve ever wanted is right in front of me.


You Are Loved

You Are Loved

You are my favourite person.



So happy you are in my life.


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